Our resources are meant to encourage you on this church multiplication journey. Here you’ll find content from experienced church leaders who want to see you succeed in your new disciple-making community.

Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution

with Guest Sam Sibley In this training video Sam lays out some very helpful pastoral principles...

Exceptional Teams Part 2

Exceptional Teams Part 2

With Special Guest Paul Fraser In Part 2 of this short video series, Paul outlines the importance...

Exceptional Teams Part 1

Exceptional Teams Part 1

With Special Guest Paul Fraser In this video, Paul from the Multiply Network, talks about how...

Outward-Bound Thinking

Outward-Bound Thinking

With Guest Phil Kniesel In this video, Phil shares some important ideas on what leaders and...

Executing Vision

Executing Vision

With Guest Kevin Shepherd In this video, Kevin lays out some important steps in executing Vision....

Reaching the Poor Pt. 1

Reaching the Poor Pt. 1

"Presence, not Presents" with Kevin Rogers In this first part of a three-part series on Reaching...

Reaching the Poor Pt. 2

Reaching the Poor Pt. 2

"Culture of Sharing" with Kevin Rogers In this second part of a three-part series on Reaching the...

Find Your District Rep

BC & Yukon

Rep: Len DenBraber

(604) 533-2232 |


Rep: John Albiston

(780) 426-0018 |


Rep: Paul Israelson

(306) 683-4646 |

Manitoba and NW Ontario

Rep: Andrew Porterfield

(204) 940-1000 |

Western Ontario

Rep: Jason Small

(905) 637-5566 |

Eastern Ontario & Nunavut

Rep: Sam Sibley

(905) 373-7374 |


Rep: Paul Tetreault

(450) 442-2732 |


Rep: Jim Molloy

(902) 895-4212 |

Newfoundland & Labrador

Rep: Gary Andrews

(709) 753-6314 |

So every Canadian can have an access point to the gospel.

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