Steps To Plant

Our primary goal is to see new disciple-making communities started all over Canada. Here is our framework for your first few steps. Watch this video as we outline specifically what those steps will be.

Step 1: Take the 2-minute Church Planting Survey

10 questions. That’s all we need to get you started on the path that’s right for you. Take the survey today.

Step 2: Take an Online Assessment

After taking the survey, we will email you instructions on how to take the Initial Screening Assessment through a partner platform.

Step 3: Confirm PAOC Credentials

In order to plant a new disciple-making community with the PAOC, you will need to be credentialed as a minister with the PAOC in the district you’d like to plant in.

Step 4: Connect With a Rep

Our Reps are incredibly supportive in the planting process and will be a fantastic resource for you.

Step 5: Schedule a Meeting With Your District Rep

Your information, survey, and assessment results will all be passed along to the appropriate Multiply Network Rep and then they will reach out to set up a meeting.

Step 6: Find Stories and Resources

We post monthly resources to help you learn more about Multiply Network, our leaders, and church planters.

Find Your District Rep

BC & Yukon

Rep: Ken Russell

(604) 533-2232 |


Rep: John Albiston

(780) 426-0018 |


Rep: Paul Israelson

(306) 683-4646 |

Manitoba and NW Ontario

Rep: Andrew Porterfield

(204) 940-1000 |

Western Ontario

Rep: Dave Slater

(905) 637-5566 |

Eastern Ontario & Nunavut

Rep: Jeff Laird

(905) 373-7374 |


Rep: Paul Tetreault

(450) 442-2732 |


Rep: Jim Molloy

(902) 895-4212 |

Newfoundland & Labrador

Rep: Jeremy Nippard

(709) 753-6314 |

Recent Resources

Here are some resources that will be very helpful for you and your leaders in whatever stage of the church multiplication journey you are in.

Church Planting Survey

Take this 2-minute survey so that we can serve you better on this journey.

What type of community do you hope to plant a church in?

What best describes you?

Would you like to be contacted by the Multiply Network rep in your district?

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